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by admin 6 months ago

DIY Clothes Life Hacks – 15 DIY Ideas

DIY Clothes Life Hacks – 15 DIY Ideas DIY clothes from old clothes includes 15 DIY life hacks on how to recycle your old jeans, shirts into new amazing crafts. Credit & Full Video: @Stephaniablog: @Mandadicas:...

by admin 6 months ago

$1 DIY Room Decor | Dollar Store DIY Projects

Hey guys, today’s video is about dollar store room decor DIY ideas, most of these materials came from dollar tree, and of course, they only cost $1! These fun DIY crafts and project can decorate your room or home, and look great...

by admin 6 months ago

DIY Pumpkin Spice Candles! Pumpkin Shaped!

Hey girl hey! Welcome back! Today I have a candle video for you…it is a pumpkin spice candle tutorial! Not just pumpkin spiced but also pumpkin shaped! I hope you enjoyed! This is also a collaboration with my friend Aleeza AKA beautygivemeabeat!...

by admin 6 months ago

DIY Cardboard Desk

If you do want to do this project, I warn you. It will take a while. Open me for more details! Where did you get all the cardboard? ~Target, I called the nearest store and asked if I could have any large cardboard bodex they might of had...

by admin 6 months ago

Techmar Garden Lighting – DIY Garden Lights

Video Demo of 12 volt garden lights system designed to light up your garden in a safe and simple way. Order From We have deck, patio, spot, recessed, walkway and driveway...

by admin 6 months ago

DIY Vertical Garden Planter

A vertical garden planter box. Vertical gardening makes a lot of sense in more than one way. Small spaces is something a lot of us can relate with because it hits close to home. If you live in a condo or an apartment with a small balcony...

by admin 6 months ago

DIY mit Nina: Skateboard Garderobe selber Basteln!

Ihr steht auf lässige Skateboards und coole Designs? Dann habe ich genau das Richtige für Euch! Nämlich eine stylische Garderobe aus einem alten Skateboard. Ein echtes Unikat! Viel Spaß beim Nachbauen, ich freue mich auf eure Kommentare! ...

by admin 6 months ago

Wasted Space Garage Storage Shelves – $200

Did a quick DIY garage project in Utah with my brother-in-law. Fun project, only cost us $200.00 and 5-6 good hours counting prep and labor with a delicious coffee cake break in-between :). We designed the shelf height to fit storage...

by admin 6 months ago

How to Make DIY Slime Stress Balls

DIY Stress Balls. Make Oobleck Slime from cornflour or cornstarch, and use marble balloons to make really cool stress balls. Perfect if you’re stressed at work or school! Magnetic Slime – Other...