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DIY personalized candles

I made these for Christmas presents so when I made the video I was obviously still in the Christmas mood; hence the song (: ENJOY!
• Candle of your choice (I bought mine from Wal-Mart Mainstays brand, with the “easy peel” label)
• Google
• Printer
• Scissors
• Bowl with warm water (replace consistently)
• Clear packing tape
1. Find the image or quote that you want to place on your candle from Google. I added “black and white” as a specifier in my search because I wanted the quotes in black print and well, to be honest, my printer only prints in black and white
2. Copy and paste the image or quote to a word doc and estimate how big it should be in order to fit the candle how you hope
3. Print and then cut out the image or quote
(Note: There are many ways you can do this part. For example you can use your own pictures or handwritten quotes, also if you prefer you can use any other search engine, and you can print in any color)
4. Place the cut out image (let’s continue with “image”) face up on a table. Cut packing tape to cover the entire paper, you may need to use more than one strip and that is okay. If this is so, overlap the next piece with the one before by only a small measure (ex. about 1 cm.). The tape only goes on the top of the image (the face) not all around. Also, I used my nails to smooth out the tape in order to get rid of any bubbles, but you can use any other method that is available to you.
5. Cut off any excess tape
6. Place face up inside the bowl of warm water for a few minutes (3-5)
7. Here comes the cool part; take the image out of the bowl and start carefully peeling off the back side, the paper side. I also used a towel to scrape off the smaller pieces that get left behind. You can always place the image in the water again to moisten the paper in order to peel a few stubborn pieces off.
8. The tape will immediately (hopefully) become sticky again as it dries, and this is when you have your sticker to place on your candle! Don’t forget to smooth out the tape to get rid of those air bubbles.
Have fun, and get inspired!


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