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20 PVC Pipe Projects to Build – PVC DIY Fun Toys

Today I am going to show you 20 PVC Pipe Projects that you will want to build at home. DIY Fun

1. PVC Blowgun Revolver – Six Shooter – How to make a Blowgun

2. How to make a Mini Cannon that Shoots

3. How to make a Blowgun – NERF Blowgun

4. How to make a Crossbow – Homemade PVC Crossbow

5. How to make a Bow – PVC Bow

– How to make a PVC Bow for Kids

6. How to make a Paper Rocket Launcher with PVC

– Paper Rocket Launcher Upgrades

7. How to make a Rubber Band Gun

8. How to make a Crossbow – PVC Mini Crossbow for Kids

9. How to make a PVC Water Gun

10. How to make a Homemade Water Park with PVC

11. How to Make a PVC Snow Maker for about $15

12. How to make a Marshmallow Gun

– Make a Bottle Shooter with a Marshmallow Gun

13. How to make a Soccer Goal for Kids with PVC

14. How to make a Sword – PVC Sword

15. How to make Nunchucks (Nunchaku)

16. How to make a Ninja Sai – PVC

17. How to make a Very Simple Homemade ATLATL

18. How to make a Jousting Stick with 2 liter bottles and PVC

19. How to make Foam Toy Weapons for Kids

20. How to make a PVC Balloon Gun that Shoots

John 3:16-17

Use of video content for personal projects is at your own risk. Just remember that PVC is only a form of hard plastic. It can and will break if too much weight or force is applied and injuries can occur.


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