Build A Life-Size Phone Controlled BB8 Droid (Full-DIY-Tutorial)

Build a real working Starwars BB8 droid by only using household materials and Arduino! (No 3D Printers! No CNCs! No Mills!)

Full-Tutorial (w/Downloads):
(Click: view all steps)

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The droid can be controlled by any smartphone. It also talks as well. The makeshift design had cut the overall expenses to $120, making it cheaper than the Sphero toy.
Music: (Title – Artist)
1.) Crossfire – Stephen
2.) Not For Nothing – Otis Mcdonald (YT)
3.) Wayward – Waver (feat. Elderbrook)
4.) Fly Down – Stephen
5.) Tobaggan – Silent Partner
6.) Saje – Freefallin’ (Katuchat Remix)
7.) New Tires – Silent Partner (YT)
8.) Kidkanevil – Inakunaru (feat. Phasma)
9.) Body Gold – Oh Wonder (Louis The Child Remix)
10.) The Dope Steppa – MK2 (YT)
12.) Canon – Silent Partner (YT)
13.) Tobaggan – Silent Partner


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