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Solar garden light to AA battery charger SIMPLE conversion

After collecting enough dead lights I went searching for information on how exactly to do this conversion. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything which described how to eliminate the entire load portion of the circuit. Once I figured out the solution was simple enough to share, I shared!
UPDATE: All four lights were working as chargers for awhile but then suddenly two of the panels stopped producing. I pulled the diodes to use on other panels.
I have determined that going from flat to charged takes three weeks on average. With two dead and a three week charge time I dont think I will be modifying any more of these.

Additional tips:
Tape the black-black connection once made- or dip them in glue.

I have seen some lights which use black and red leads to the photo resistor. To determine which black lead is from the solar cell (if you don’t have a volt-meter) is usually easy to do if you look where the photo eye is from the top.

What is more ‘green’ than taking something from the waste stream and making it into a solar generator?

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