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DIY Pillar Candles with Recycled Wax and Essential Oils | MermaidAnnika

Candles are a very traditional present to give at this time of year, so I thought I would make some for my friends and family. What I did was….
1. place all my left over wax from old candles into a big jar, and place this in a pan of water, gradually bringing it to the boil. Slowly, the wax in the jar starts to melt.
2. Then I add a few drops of my favourite essential oil to the liquid wax, and give it a stir.
3. I place some toilet roll tubes in a tupperware box, lined with tin foil. I take some string and dip it in the molten wax, then lay it out to dry straight.
4. I take the newly made wick and I stick it to the bottom of the tinfoil, using a blob of semi-molten wax.
5. I wind the top of the wick around a chopstick to hold it in place over the toilet roll.
6. I then pour in molten wax, and wait for each layer to solidify before adding the next.
7. I drop in some chunks of wax and some rose petals to create texture.
8. One the toilet roll is full of wax, wait for the top layer to harden. You might see that it puckers around the wick. Add more wax to create a level surface to the top. Sprinkle some flakes of wax for decoration.
9. Leave the toilet roll candles over night to fully harden.
10. Trim the wick and start peeling the cardboard toilet roll away. That’s it, gorgeous pillar candle done!


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