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DIY water candles/Diwali decoration idea /How to make water Candlelights/Candle/diya decoration

DIY water candles/Diwali decoration idea /How to make water Candlelights/Candle/diya decoration.
Learn how to make candlelights for diwali .This video has step by step instructions to help you to decorate candle/water candlelight with Sapna Creations.

It’s a beautiful Diy Candle decoration for diwali, New year, Christmas & Valentine’s day. You can make very easily for candlelight dinners & every festive occasions.
I hope you all enjoy this video. Thanks for watching.
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Hii Everyone ! 
I am Sapna and I am from Lucknow, India! 
I love sharing DIY videos.We at ‘Sapna Creations’ do work on all type of DIY Craft. You will find to this channel details bellow : –
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2- Silk thread jewellery .
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