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DIY Creative Candle Jar – Coffee Theme Handmade Candlestick with Stencil Painting

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This is easy tutorial – how to make jar for candles. Besides, you will also discover to yourself how to draw with handmade stencils on clothes. If you don’t need to wash cloth often – then use simple gouache paints.
At first make a stencil. Draw on a sheet of paper any word or drawing you want to stamp. I had to do coffee theme candlesticks (or candle jars) because my friend started his business – coffee shop. So, that’s why I used brown gouache and pieces of warm-grey cloth. Then cut of letters carefully and attach it to the fabric. Use sponge and gouache to paint holes (letters). Don’t wet sponge with water too much. Then take away your stencil and you will have amazing word (or picture) painted on fabric.
What you will need to make coffee jar for candles:
– piece of cloth
– glass jar
– gouache paint
– piece of sponge
And how does it work – my video tutorial shows!


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