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Animal Games – Ep. 12 – The Rainbow Regains Its Splendor – Season 1

This is a wonderfully entertaining educational series in which animals teach us about the ethics of nature and, in effect, life ethics, over the course of their vicissitudes. Some of these wonderful stories include “The Cat’s Lifebelt”, “Little Players of the Sunny Garden”, “A Leopard Frog in a Spring Pond”, “The Wise Red Turtle” “A Rabbit’sRepentance”, “Story of a Bat” and “A Picture Drawn by a Frog”. A happy ending is assured in each of these marvellous stories, sure to please those who enjoy seeing animals with almost human-like expressions.

All episodes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdY6JuQwltA&index=4&list=PLNXCO7Z2kJDS79i1XZqN364-0ya3r-Rpi



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