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DIY Desk Blotter for Stamping and Crafting

DIY Desk Blotter for Stamping and Crafting
All you need is cardboard and duct tape to make this useful tool!

This blotter contains many sheets of cheap apper to provide a soft stamping surface and it will protect your table when crafting. When the top paper is soo soiled to use anymore simply remove it to reveal a fresh sheet. I made mine 12″x18″ to fit my standard drawing and construction paper, you could use cheap newsprint as well.

1. Cut cardboard the same size as your paper.
2. Cut duct tape for the corners as shown. Stick it back to back leaving the sticky ends to secure to the back.
3. Place the stack of paper on your cardboard and add the corners. I recommend 1″ thick of paper.

You can make this blotter any size you like to meet your crafting needs or to fit the scrap paper you have. I might make one that is 12″x12″ to use up old ugly scrapbook paper OR 8.5″x11″ to use up copy paper.

DIY Desk Blotter for Stamping and Crafting

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