DIY Homemade Polymer Clay? Cold Porcelain Clay Recipe | PassionFruitDIY

Hey everyone! Today I have a fun DIY for you. Cold porcelain is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but was kind of to lazy. My polymer clay was always there so I didn’t need a substitute. But since I just moved and started my life as a grown up I can’t afford to spend to much money on craft supplies. :/ But that’s the time for a real DIY challenges! It’s easy to do DIYs with expensive tools and supplies but what happens when you have to make something really on a budget? Here comes a recipe for a cold porcelain clay!
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-1cup of corn flour,
-1 cup of pva glue,
-2tbs of oil,
-2tbs of lemon juice
-some lotion

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